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LotWin 2018 out NOW

LotWin Guru

The LotWinGuru does it again!
15 Numbers selected from 49 having all 6 and the bonus.
17,162 to one chance?
Using the amazing LotWin '2 lines of 3 Reduction' he gets a line of 4 and a line of 3 correct with only 5 lines out of the 5,005 possible combinations!
LotWin Guru Entry

Another Lottery Winner

Long time LotWin aficionado Deighton King won $75,000 on the BC49 lottery game by matching 5 plus the bonus.
In an email to us Mr King said:

I have some good news to report. I matched 5 plus the bonus on the BC 49. Using a total of over 100 filters, and a set of 30 numbers set at Min 6 and Max 6, LotWin reduced this to 6,002 combinations.
I then used the 'Optimum' Reduction, and set it to 'Maximum Returns'. This further reduced my set to only 40 games, this being my budgeted amount.

Of note, the Jackpot worth $2,000,000 was among the 6000 original set. Next time, I'm sure, the jackpot will show up in the Optimum Reduced Set.

Additionally I would like to add," Mr King said, "that LotWin is an extremely powerful tool that can manipulate the data with rapidity, and when compared to other programs stands out on top, in it's uniqueness to use very important filters to obtain much reduced sets that are more typical of actual draw results. Again, I commend you for this excellent software.

All of us from the LotWin Team would like to congratulate Mr King on his win and his kind words and we wish him all the best for the future.

Read the British Columbia Lottery Corporation article Green thumb harvests lottery loot!

Other winners will appear here

Cafe/Video LotWin

Cafe LotWin gives you the opportunity to exchange views on anything or everything to do with lotteries.

You have a new and better lottery system?

You have news - or a question - about a lottery?

A big win with LotWin? Let's all celebrate.

Comments or suggestions on the program?

Visit Lotwin Guru's Blog and YouTube channel.

Read LotWin Guru's article on wheeling software

LotWin Lottery Videos

New Serotic (Matrix) wheels in LotWin.

The Magic of Optimum Reduction.
         A.K.A. how to Win when your full list does NOT have ANY significant winners.

One-Click functionality in LotWin.

New Hot/Cold functionality in LotWin.

How to win a prize with 2 out of 3 numbers correct.

How to use the Line Analyser.

UK National Lottery 6/49 expected filters.

How to use the Hot-Cold filter sets and set how many to fail.

More videos coming soon...

Some comments from LotWin users: -

"I am fascinated with Lotwin. I consider myself a specialist in Lotto programs; in fact, I have purchased almost all lotto software available : Gail Howard's, Lottonet, Lottery Director, Windows Lotto Pro, WinLotto... but, definitely, Lotwin is the very best. I am very enthusiastic about the Optimum Reduction to 5 and about the Ball Selection of the numbers ( First Position, Second....etc).
Now it's easier to get the jackpot." E H

"I'm using LotWin for a few days now, I think it is definitely the best lottery software I've seen. It has everything I need and even more!" B G

"The program looks very nice and easy to use. My congratulations for this excellent tool." R O

"I find your computer program has one of the most creative approaches to the lottery." D M

"That's the best software I've ever tried." W C

"I like the approach that your software has taken. After tracking Canada 649 for some time, I've noticed that many of the filters seem almost predictable."D K

"Congratulations on a great Lotto program." W P

"I am very impressed with its flexibility..." M W

"The analysis techniques on your software package are very good
and I'm working on winning the big one!!" A L

"What an excellent piece of software!!" K C

"Intriguing! The combination of filters is great." B R

"The speed is amazing, 14 million lines filtered in less than 2 seconds? Wow!!!" M P

Some comments in newsgroup rec.gambling.lottery on earlier versions of LotWin

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